Large grand marble fireplace , Ref: 3495


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Large grand marble fireplace

A truly lovely fire, shown before we've done anything to it. It was one of about 5 identical ones we bought many years ago from the tenements by Glasgow Academy (Colebrooke terrace) that were collapsing due to subsidence (we were not allowed to use power tools or remove any of the lovely iron spindles for fear of the building collapsing-sounds a little dramatic but them was the rules)Part of the deal was that the best couple of fires were to be removed by us for the demolition contractor, 10 years later and they got in touch to say they weren't needed and here we are. Really grand, lovely big shelf, elegant mouldings to the inner jamb and yet the aperture isn't impractically huge.
Somewhere we have a pic of one of the others re installed into a property which I will try to find just to show how good it looked.

Ref: 3495


Height and Width: 132.7 cm's by 195 cm's
(521/4'' by 763/4'')

Inset Height and Width: 101.6 cm's by 101.6 cm's
(40'' by 40'')

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