Pine surround , Ref: 3494


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Pine surround

Rescued along with another fire from a pile waiting to be burnt up near Inverness by a builder we deal with, perfectly decent pine surround in great condition. As is sometimes the case, it looks home made, but where do you draw the line? is a small scale joiner in the Highlands 100 years ago making 'genuine' fireplaces or are they home made? did factories ever exist making pine surrounds? I doubt it. Whatever, we liked it and bought it, and now so can you.
Probably from the 1920's.

Ref: 3494


Height and Width: 145.4 cm's by 165.1 cm's
(571/4'' by 65'')

Inset Height and Width: 102.9 cm's by 97.8 cm's
(401/2'' by 381/2'')

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