Cheaper Georgian marble fire , Ref: 3491


Details of Cheaper Georgian marble fire

Cheaper Georgian marble fire

Well it looks very grey in the pic but it's a lot whiter than that. It is basically a Georgian marble surround that originally came from just off the east end of Princes St in Edinburgh, it was painted when we bought it and when stripped there are one or two areas which are slightly stained as can be seen in the pic of the corbels. The shelf has also been replaced at some stage, but on the plus side, its cheaper than would otherwise be the case and it's really not too bad considering its a good 200 years old.

Ref: 3491


Height and Width: 125.7 cm's by 182.9 cm's
(491/2'' by 72'')

Inset Height and Width: 101.6 cm's by 102.9 cm's
(40'' by 401/2'')

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  • View of Cheaper Georgian marble fireplace