Milk glass school lights , Ref: 2855


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Milk glass school lights

Anyone who has been down to our yard will have noticed dozens of these lights stashed wherever they are out of harms way, we have about 60 available in various sizes and with differing apertures at the base from a variety of jobs from all over Scotland from as close as the school in Partick currently being converted into flats to the old Sunnyside hospital complex up in Montrose. The one thing they all have in common is that they look amazing when lit up, a lovely soft warm light. (actually, another thing they have in common is their fragility, if you want one, please bring some wrapping) we have a selection of poles ranging from about 5 to 45 inches long and these may be either brass or more commonly, chrome. For an idea of scale, the 2 matching ones in the images have 23 inch poles and the shades are about 9 inches tall which is a touch smaller than the norm

Ref: 2855

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