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Mosspark pews

New styles of pew are coming in faster than I can handle at the moment, hence some of the poor things are waiting patiently outside until we make space. These come from a church not too far from us in Mosspark, not the oldest church we've done, dating to about 1900, but the wood is stunning, so clean and fresh. These pews have panelled backs, so we are slightly limited with regards to sizes we can make them up into, but we have them pre chopped into double and triple panel sections and even kept a couple at full length which was a bit daft as they must be 5 meters long (I don't think we want to strip those ones)
The 2 panel ones are about 43 to 47 inches long and the triples, about 63 to 68 as some panels are longer than others.

Ref: 2814

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