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Hyndland pews

I've been meaning to put a pic of one of these up for ages. These pews came from that lovely church on Hyndland road, I can never remember if it was a Leiper or a Lorimer church, I'll have to check it out again. We have quite a number of these pews which, though when dipped are the colour of Douglas fir, seem to be pitch pine. This one has been dipped, so is relatively light, and is shown before we've put the brass back onto it, but they also look good after having just a rub down, and a wax, a lovely rich dark colour. We can still make a few up to lengths of about 10 ft, though one or two of the pews have some odd quirks so we're treating each one as an individual at the mo. If that sounds a bit odd, its all to do with getting matching ends.
NB If you ever visit the church, and its often open and worth a look, they have a photo of the building when it was all still surrounded by fields, quite extraordinary.

Ref: 2677

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