Heavy Pitch Pine Doors , Ref: 2665


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Heavy Pitch Pine Doors

Heavy! these doors are a 2 man lift, and we're all quite strong down here. 2 available measuring 83 inches tall by a whopping 41 3/4wide. For some reason both doors have had one side trimmed by an inch or so and have then had a newer strip added on to replace this piece. I've no idea why, and its been done very well and neatly, but it does mean that if you had these doors stripped, you would notice a paler strip all the way up one side.
From the 1870's.
Obviously, if the pic looks a bit odd its because we've removed the hardboard sheet that covered the bottom panel, exposing the original varnished pitch pine whilst the rest of the door has its more recent blue paint.

Ref: 2665

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