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Georgian reeded architrave

We never really see this, from the new town in Edinburgh where everything is listed, as it should be, unless, perhaps, you have an awful lot of money. These were found while clearing out an old mews cottage in Edinburgh. the place was jam packed with stuff- we removed 44 Georgian 6 panel doors from a single small room upstairs! I may put some pics up on Facebook but it was hard to stand back and take any pics.
Anyway, its all rather thickly painted but should strip to be terrific and they are, after all, very very old. 2 widths available (wider for the windows) and we sell them in bundles of 3 long lengths so they should fit any doorway and we have, I think, 5 bundles, along with some more standard Georgian architrave.
For the purist, I should say that they came from the buildings around Northumberland st in Edinburgh and if it sounds like I've crept into a forgotten room of treasure, I should point out that the chap who sold us the items had carefully accumulated these things back in the '80's and knew exactly what was there and I'm just grateful that he had the forethought to keep it all.

Ref: 2343

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