Long low 'Princess' radiator , Ref: 2268


Details of Long low 'Princess' radiator

Long low 'Princess' radiator

Bit of a challenge to get this one as it sat on a window ledge half way up a staircase where one end was at knee height and the other at head height, and it aint light.
Cracking rad though, with the little flourishes on the fins and the detailing on the end caps. Its hardly got any paint on it either so you could probably save a fair bit of money by painting it yourselves, money saved that you could use to buy another radiator from our extensive stock!
We can of course arrange to get these things geared up to fit a modern system and painted in any colour to suit.
24 inches tall and 70 long.
If this rad was a challenge to remove, has anyone else seen the large radiators on the window ledges on the high up windows in the Govan old parish church? how on earth!

Ref: 2268

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