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2 types here, one was originally above the other, but they can easily be sold as 2 lots. We don't generally take panelling in as its notoriously difficult to use due to having to cut into the panels where walls end etc etc, they were always made up on site and were fairly specific. Good for bar fronts, but we won't be seeing any of them for a while yet. But this stuff is lovely, well worth having. Mahogany and with small enough panels to render it quite adaptable, and there's a good run of it, the shorted style, which is just over 30 inches tall, we have 762 inches of it, that's about 63 feet long, and the taller stuff, 50.5 inches tall, we have 531 inches in length (about 44 feet). It all came from a townhouse in the west end of the city.

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  • View of Mahogany panelling