Leaded and Painted Glass *This item is sold and is only as an archive.

Details of Victorian Leaded and Painted Glass

We actually had the whole door at one time but it was sadly too far gone and had to be put down, it was the kindest thing to do really. Its a classic Victorian design ( and original of course) featuring a potted palm with birds above. It came from a large house in Fife.
I used to keep these things hidden away with the intention of putting them back into doors ourselves as they are so hard to come by but we simply don't have the time and we're having a bit of a clear out and I'd rather sell some of them than risk them getting broken on my watch.
It measures 39 1/2 inches tall by 29 3/4 wide.

Ref: 2839

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  • View of Etched glass vestibule door panel