Leaded and Painted Glass *This item is sold and is only as an archive.

Details of Leaded and Painted Glass

We have about a dozen of these in at the moment (jan 2017) but please give us a phone to check we still have them as, being a small company, we don't update the website daily-sometimes barely weekly.
These windows were taken from a turn of the century villa just outside Glasgow so they could be from the 1890's. They are in remarkable condition with most of the windows having no cracks at all, and the glass is still very solid, not having slumped at all.
Very pretty and lots of colour.
The windows are mainly 32.75 x 48, 36.5 x 30 or 32.5 x 30 inches, but that includes the frame, which will add an extra 3.5-4 inches.

Ref: 2205

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