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The Maxwell Range

The Maxwell Range

While we never have more than a couple done up, we generally have half a dozen waiting in the wings. awaiting restoration.

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A much smaller range

Ref: 2854

Unlike the next one on our website, this dinky little range is typical of the sort of one you would get in either a cottage , or in the back room of a shop (where this came from) from the days when a ...

About to be restored range

Ref: 2312

Well I've not restored a range for a couple of years, though we have a few waiting in the back, but we've just done one for a job in Edinburgh and so I thought I'd do another, and its going to be this...

Kitchen range

Ref: 1186

Seen in its raw, un-restored state, as I am myself, here is the latest addition to my growing collection of ranges waiting to be done up. This one came from a tenement in Dunfermline and has its origi...

small range

Ref: 1162

This is at our blacksmiths just now being put back together. I love my kitchen ranges and can never say no to one. They do, however take a long time to get looking up to scratch again, I have to strip...

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