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Some radiators

Some radiators

During out last stock-take, we found we had over 480 radiators, so we always have plenty of radiators in stock. We sell them as they are but offer a service whereby we take them to a company that test, blasts and paints them. He also alters the fittings to make them compatible with a modern system.
The radiators come in a a variety of shapes and styles, most of which are shown below.
Generally 4-column (5 3/4in deep) or 6-column (9in deep), in heights of 18/24/30/36in.
Also 9-column window radiators, 13 x 13in in various lengths.
(pics pending)

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Latest window radiators

Ref: 3439

Not much I can add here, another half a dozen window radiators that we've just bought....

Unusual industrial looking cast iron radiators

Ref: 2754

We've recently bought 15 of these radiators, good chunky industrial looking things. Many years ago there would have been coverings over the feet, but with one exception these are all gone now and they...

Decorative radiators

Ref: 2712

Just a few of our latest radiators, these rather unusual ones have a leg on every section making them look like some kind of industrial millipede. Great pattern on them which should come up a treat wh...

Some recently restored radiators

Ref: 2548

These old radiators, no longer grubby white, and in some cases having not been used for 20 years have now been given a much more contemporary look and are now up and running in one of our customers ho...

Long low 'Princess' radiator

Ref: 2268

Bit of a challenge to get this one as it sat on a window ledge half way up a staircase where one end was at knee height and the other at head height, and it aint light. Cracking rad though, wit...

New batch of rads

Ref: 2185

While we constantly get new rads into the yard, here's part of a large batch we've just bought from a hospital up the east coast, and all with lovely decorative feet, though its hard to see this under...

Monster rads from the Isles

Ref: 2110

Not the sort of thing we usually take as they are such buggers to move, but they'll sure pump out the heat, as they've been doing at the Pavillion on the isle of Bute for the last 80 odd years. the 36...

fully finished huge radiator

Ref: 1990

This is just a pic to show one of our radiators all restored and in situ in a customers house. Its one of the monster rads we got from a school in Greenock-and here it is in its new west end abode loo...

New Batch of Radiators

Ref: 1828

I've not seen this style before, but a batch of about 20 of these has just come in with a little flourish on the top corners. Chunky round tops & more slender ones with heights from 26-38in & various ...

have you had you weetabix?

Ref: 1818

We recently did a job in an old school where there were lots of round top radiators, some of which were really long low ones. Ordinarily we wouldn't buy ones as long as this as they are so tricky to m...

tallest and shortest radiators

Ref: 1721

God bless them all, the long and the short and the tall etc etc. Only the second time I've ever come across a radiator as tall as this. Its 6 sections long and is shown next to one of 4 round topped w...

Just a few of our radiators

Ref: 1685

At the last stock take we had around 400 original cast iron radiators. They come in all shapes and sizes and we can work out the outputs for each of them for you. we offer a service where, once you ha...

Skinny round top radiator with ears

Ref: 1683

We get these in like this and also the fatter version in a variety of heights (26, 32 and 38 inches tall). As nice as the usual round tops but with just that little bit of extra detail....

Decorative radiators

Ref: 1680

We usually have a few decorative radiators in stock, but they are usually the taller (38 inches) type, though we do get others. They generally come from churches....

Skinny round top radiators

Ref: 1679

We almost always have quite a lot of these in stock in a variety of heights (26,32 and 38 inches tall). They can still be quite big and therefore give off a good heat, but being slimmer, they take up ...

2 variations on the chunky round top theme

Ref: 1677

A couple of variants of the chunky 2 column round top rads which come in the usual variety of heights (roughly 26, 32 and 39 inches tall). One has rather dainty little feet which it tries to tuck back...

Chunky two column round top radiators

Ref: 1676

We see quite a lot of this style of radiator, though they are often rather large and tall as they were often used in schools etc. This style always seems very popular though we generally have quite a ...

Unusual styles of rads

Ref: 1674

Nice radiators these, but not of a type we see very often (not that they are that different). the sections are a little bit chunkier and there is extra piping around the edges....

Chunky 3 and 4 column radiators

Ref: 1673

we don't generally stock this style as yet though we usually have one or two lurking around. They are perfectly decent radiators, but they are just a bit more heavy in their design. I suspect that the...

6 column radiators

Ref: 1671

The fatter 6 column radiators are a bit less common than the 4 column ones but are still readily available. They come in the main 3 styles of 'Ideal', 'Crane' and 'Odd Crane' and can be 18, 24, 30 or...

The 'Odd Crane' style

Ref: 1670

This is what we refer to as the 'odd crane' they were manufactured by the 'Crane' Company but are more rounded than their other style. They are still one of the more commonly found styles around and l...

IDEAL type radiator

Ref: 1669

Up there in the top 3 of the most widely available style of radiator are those made by 'Ideal' which have a more rounded profile than those made by 'Crane'. There isn't a huge difference though and un...

Crane style 4 column radiators

Ref: 1633

One of the most common rad designs are those made by 'Crane' who generally made 2 styles of rad, the other is shown elsewhere. We refer to this style as a standard crane and they come in 12"heights (w...

tall radiators

Ref: 1435

Some of the heaviest rads we've had for a while, these came from an old school on the south side and we have over a dozen in stock in various sizes, but they are all either 40 or 46 inches tall. There...

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