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Notice board

Ref: 3440

Some of you may have passed the sorry remains of Drumoyne school, by Govan over the last few years which is, as I type, being felled. Not much survived there except some hooks, some mahogany newel pos...

Old Kilner storage jars

Ref: 3391

Great storage jars here in a multitude of sizes and styles, from really fat wide ones to fairly slim ones. We use a lot of these at home for storing our pulses'n'pasta's in. Apologies if the title com...

Douglas fir planks

Ref: 2882

We always have a lot of planks from disassembled pews and I haven't put any pics up on line for a while now, but we generally always have yellow pine, almost always have pitch pine and here we have Do...

Very old curtain poles

Ref: 2833

Something we very occasionally see, but not often. These came from a large property in Edinburghs New Town and I've no reason to think they're not original to the property. They are steel and the fini...

Oak planks

Ref: 2830

We have quite a few lengths of oak from some old pews we took out of a church earlier in the year. The church was built just over 100 years ago so they are well seasoned and well polished by generatio...

Door bells/ Servants Indicator

Ref: 2659

A few of our old bells, some painted, some not. Ideal to have by the front door when your modern one isn't working or you are tired of shouting for children to come down stairs for supper. I th...

Church collection thing

Ref: 2615

Never quite sure of what to call these, or even what exactly they were for, they seem to be used either for flower displays or collection dishes, we used to have one in our old warehouse full ...

Fancy wash hand basin brackets

Ref: 2509

More robust than the actual sinks, which is how we end up having a few spare. They make lovely shelves with a bit of wood or marble on....

Yet more wooden foundry pattern moulds

Ref: 2424

And still they come. Not unpacked the latest 2 trunks yet and I'm off for another, penultimate load of 150 more tomorrow. Some of these have actually been cleaned, but not yet waxed. I c...

Slate slabs

Ref: 2363

Well its been over a year since we've had any of these beds from snooker tables, thats a year in which to forget how bloody heavy these things are, especially when you have 2 days in which to get them...

Foundry moulds, the tip of the iceberg

Ref: 2319

Probably some of the same pics as on the Facebook/instagram page, but I love them so much I'll put the pic anywhere. Hundreds of them. Blower units for turbo chargers, parts of ships funnels, wheels a...


Ref: 2248

Here's a selection of some of our latest hooks. Not the fanciest but I rather like the simplicity and I've seen them advertised in trade catalogues from the 1920's. We've stripped a length of each sor...


Ref: 1559

We have a large number of these wooden moulds, a small amount of which are making it onto our website. The most recently added image will have a better description....


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Ref: 1458

Nothing specific here, but this is just to show that we always have various pairs of shutters in stock, generally about 40 pairs ranging from the very small to the absurdly big. Give us a phone with...

large planks of timber

Ref: 1403

One of many loads of pew seats and backs we've been buying recently. They tend to be between 2.5 and a massive 5 meters long and this batch is 9.5 inches wide. Yellow pine. Great for flooring, shelvin...

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