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More leaded glass

Ref: 3364

Just picked up 4 of these (dec 2020), though one has a couple of cracked panes in the corner. Dating to about 1900 and from Cambuslang way. One piece measures 38 inches wide by 30, not includin...

Leaded glass panels

Ref: 3347

There's not much I can add other than to say this is our latest glass, couple of pieces at 48 inches by 19 and some more at 19 by 19 including the frames. Please phone to check availability as it some...

Painted Glass Panels

Ref: 3327

Size of each panel is 16 3/4 by 39in....

Large etched glass panel

Ref: 3320

Very large etched glass panel for a vestibule door we bought recently (sizes to follow) dating to the 1880's -90's. Notoriously hard things to get good photo's of, but it gives a general idea. Its rea...

More leaded glass

Ref: 3319

Quite a lot of this turned up last week from the south side of the city, not including the frames all are 25 inches high by various widths such as 24, 25 and 32. Some of the widest ones are actually t...

Etched glass door panel

Ref: 3263

Fairly slender at 23.5 inches wide (and 47 tall) this is more the sort of piece that would fit a bathroom door. From a Victorian house in the west end of the city....

Leaded glass windows

Ref: 2932

Another half a dozen windows, all in pretty good condition and various sizes, but most of them seem to be 33 1/2 inches widel by 26 1/2 tall including the frames...

Leaded top sash with shield

Ref: 2846

We see a lot of glass with various versions of 'the shield' often from the Kings Park area but at the moment this is the only one we have left.The frame measures 24 inches across by 31 1/2...

Painted glass top sash

Ref: 2844

We have one of these left out of a much larger batch. Very attractive, but not so easy to use as the window comprises 6 separate pieces, so it has to stay in its frame.Some of the bits are very darkly...

Pair of etched glass panels

Ref: 2841

Great pair of etched panels which were originally either side of a wide doorway. They look like they have a few scratches on them, but they don't, its a clear laminated sheet that's on them (which wil...

Tall piece of etched glass

Ref: 2838

A lonely single piece of glass, probably from a screen at the side of a grand doorway but it would look great in a door as long as the door was very very tall and very very skinny. It measures 63 inch...

Simple etched glass panel

Ref: 2837

We had a few of these from a building that came down last year dating to about 1910. some were from the (butchered) doors and some from the panels above, they measure 24 inches by 26 and 25 3/3 by 42 ...

pair of painted glass panels

Ref: 2836

Nice pair of painted glass art nouveau panels measuring 30 1/2 inches high by 31 wide each. Some, if not all the people looking at these pics will notice a remarkable similarity between this pa...

3 piece set of painted glass

Ref: 2835

Originally from a bay window in a large Victorian house, 2 art nouveau edge pieces with a typical rural idyll type image in the centre panel. they are all 30 1/2 inches tall and the side ones are 31 w...

Slim panel of decorative etched glass

Ref: 2834

Originally from a skinny Victorian door which was sadly/badly twisted, should be ok for a bathroom door or something. Measures 16 inches by 48....

Largish leaded windows

Ref: 2832

We've had a fair few of these stashed away for a couple of years and the time has finally come to dig them out. The trouble is that someone in their infinite wisdom has cut off all the strengthening b...

Leaded sash windows

Ref: 2588

We have over a dozen of these from a lovely large Victorian house on Glasgows south side. Various sizes available so please call to check, but they vary from 29.5 inches by 33 to a huge 47.5 by 37 (la...

Shield pattern glass

Ref: 2151

We have really quite a lot of these in various sizes, though the majority are either 37.5 wide by 34.25 or 30.75 the same height. I seem to remember they came from Cambuslang way from a large detached...

leaded glass from a church window

Ref: 2150

We have quite a number of these in various states (though we have a whole bucket of spares from a window which we broke up). Lovely windows which originally came from a church in Kilmarnock that was c...

painted glass panel

Ref: 1544

Listed as Victorian, but from a church built in the 1820's in Paisley. The majority of the glass in the church was kept as it was listed, but the windows down the sides were replaced when the building...

painted glass

Ref: 1082

From a demolished porch, we have 4 of these left at 16 inches wide by 46 1/2 tall....

leaded glass

Ref: 902

Sorry about the image, I knew I wobbled when I took it. We have 3 or 4 of this pattern in various sizes....

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