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Older cubby hole units

Ref: 3529

From a flat in Patrick, these contained a large number of records once upon a time, ballads, country, folk etc, but then there's no accounting for taste....

Victorian shop display cabinet

Ref: 3481

At present this needs a little TLC. It came from an old farm being demolished but has been an old Victorian shop display case. The pic shows it from the back, which opens whilst the front (where the g...

Folding Oak Benches

Ref: 3354

We have 14 of these at the moment (25/11/2020), 6 ft long, made of oak and folding for easier moving and storage. The second pic shows one flat packed, propped up on the van. And now we have 10...

Fairly large tables

Ref: 3350

Couple of nice turned leg pine tables recently dug out from the basement of a church. 72 inches long by 30 1/4 wide and we have 2 of them. There was a sheet of formica glued to the top which w...

Long unit

Ref: 3064

This has done stirling work supporting all sorts of things in our building, often buried under a pile of pews, but it's now been dug out and its time to send it off to a new home. Pitch pine and surpr...

Foldout mahogany table

Ref: 2643

A really beautiful piece of timber on the top of this little table which folds out to be not so little. Its 44 inches across by 22, but folds out to be 42 wide. 28 inches tall. It has lovely mahogany ...

3 door golf locker cupboard

Ref: 2600

As anyone who has been down to our yard will know, we have a lot of golf lockers in stock. They all had to be semi dismantled in order to remove them, and they span 3 different time periods, so there ...

The first of an awful lot of small cupboards

Ref: 2529

Indeed, We're currently stripping out the locker rooms of a large golf club on the south side of the city and have lots of these cupboards. The main pic shows how a few of them have come out, tall thi...

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