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Large number of cast iron spindles

Ref: 3531

Indeed, about 140 of these broken out of the stone steps of a nice old school that is no more, there will be a better pic if the actual spindles later...

Older cubby hole units

Ref: 3529

From a flat in Patrick, these contained a large number of records once upon a time, ballads, country, folk etc, but then there's no accounting for taste....

Down vented toilet and cistern

Ref: 3525

Getting hard to find decent sanitary stuff now. I guess this is from the 1930's, but it could almost be '50's . Clean and crisp w.c. with close coupled cistern and a wooden seat which I don't think is...

Blue tiled insert with pine surround

Ref: 3524

Every year I pick a lame puppy fireplace to restore, and for the last 3 years I've wanted to take this insert, but it's always been bumped. But now, finally, we've got it restored. Bars fitted, corner...

Combination fireplace

Ref: 3523

Recently updated info as I put the wrong description up for this fire. It actually came from a little job I did up in Blair Atholl, Still an Edwardian fire, but bigger and with a 14 inch openin...

Small bedroom combination

Ref: 3522

This came from a row of shops which were due to be demolished for no good reason on Leith Walk in Edinburgh but which have just been saved due to public pressure, albeit only the shell. Good to see th...

Garden urns

Ref: 3520

Things move fast here, we had 5 of these, but by the time I've got around to putting them on the site, we're down to one, and its got a little damage to it at that. Not particularly old, but certainly...

Small Belfast sinks

Ref: 3518

Quite a few small Belfast sinks recently bought , all in very good condition, but without overflows....


Ref: 3516

We don't often take these in as they are such a hassle to transport, but these were fairly local and it seemed a shame not to. They were actually originally the floor of an outside store in Edinburghs...

Very wide not enamel lights

Ref: 3514

Well these are unusual, about 2 feet across and from the 1950's to early '60's. Not actually enamel, but painted grey....

Pine surround and tiled insert

Ref: 3513

Been a tricky surround to strip this one. It had been hand stripped before and then finished with a high gloss polyurethane varnish which aint always easy to get off. All done now though and as we've ...

Combination fireplace

Ref: 3511

With a 16 inch opening this falls between two categories, either a large bedroom combination or a small living room one. Its a pattern that we used to see quite a lot, especially in Edinburgh, though ...

Small slate fire surround

Ref: 3510

Small bedroom slate fireplace we recently removed from a house in Edinburgh and had stripped, shown with the original arched insert that has been with it for the last 140 years or so. Sizes to ...

Antique Angular Ladies

Ref: 3507

Original brass escutcheon, approximately 5.9cm tall complete with fixings. An angular top piece with an angular backplate. This listing is for a single escutcheon complete with fixings....

Antique Brass Ladies With Line Detail

Ref: 3506

Original Victorian escutcheon with line detail, approximately 6.1cm tall. This listing is for a single escutcheon complete with fixings. We have a few brass ladies, all similar, but subtly different....

Antique Rose Brass Escutcheon

Ref: 3505

These have a slim elegant top piece mounted on an oval backplate. Approximately 6.7cm tall. This listing is for a single escutcheon complete with fixings....

Hemo Bakelite Drawer Handles

Ref: 3502

An original pair of dark Bakelite pull handles ‘Hemo’ make on reverse. Approximately 12.8cm long and 2.8cm tall. Complete with original screw fixings....

Art Deco Pull Handles

Ref: 3501

Original Bakelite pull door handles, very Art Deco in style. While designed for doors, these would work well on furniture. Early/ mid 20th century. Approximately 15.5cm long and 3.2cm tall. These look...

Pair of iron gates

Ref: 3499

Very nicely made, and we have 2 pairs. They come from a church in Edinburgh currently being modernised which dated to about 1904. 77 inches wide, so too narrow for a car alas and 64 high....

Cast iron fire surround

Ref: 3497

Dark image, but you get the idea, a large cast iron surround with a timber shelf, as is almost always the case, at least you won't get black lead on your clothes when you lean on it. Ideal for a stove...

Victorian mahogany surround

Ref: 3496

From a big Victorian villa in Glasgows South side and recently cleaned and polished and re installed prior to being removed again as the buildings layout changed. Its a large grand thing and is just r...

Cheaper Georgian marble fire

Ref: 3491

Well it looks very grey in the pic but it's a lot whiter than that. It is basically a Georgian marble surround that originally came from just off the east end of Princes St in Edinburgh, it was painte...

Latest style from East Kilbride

Ref: 3490

We actually bought these a few years ago but have only just made and stripped our first one ( they were painted orange). This one has been made up for a customer but we are able to make about another ...

Toilet and cistern

Ref: 3488

From the 1950's, though it looks quite new style wise, very clean Shanks toilet and cistern. Back vented. The seat is of course modern....

Pedestal basin

Ref: 3487

Surviving by the skin of its teeth this one. It was in a building classed as a 'dangerous structure' which was being pulled down, well, pushed over more like. It was upstairs in a room the other side ...

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