Sanitary Ware

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Sanitary ware.

Sanitary ware.

We generally have quite a few basins in stock and a few W.C's & cisterns. We only deal in white sanitary ware.

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Large Shanks 'Trevor' deco basin

Ref: 3270

The classic. We used to get these fairly regularly but they have all but dried up now, this being only the second in this larger size (25 1/4 inches wide) that we've had since last Christmas, and its ...

Iron overhead cistern

Ref: 3268

Becoming a bit of a rarity nowadays, Iron overhead cistern embossed with the plumbers name 'Weir of Edinburgh' This comes with its original decorative brackets (one screw hole damaged on one bracket o...

Plunger wash hand basin with decorative bracket

Ref: 3267

What a peach this is. We've been very low on sanitary ware of late and were pleased to be able to buy this very early wash hand basin which has a sort of plunger mechanism as opposed to a plug...

Almost a really lovely toilet

Ref: 3266

Actually very nice, very early and covered with relief patters but alas cracked at the top at the back. Now where the crack is isn't even under the water line so its not going to leak, and it would mo...

wide wide wide wash hand basins

Ref: 2917

From a primary school down south, rather unusual wash hand basins shown before we've given them a good clean, but I don't see any chips or cracks. Measuring 45 inches wide by 15 from front to back....

Large reproduction pedestal basin

Ref: 2562

One of quite a number of pedestal basins we recently bought from a large hotel that was being re furbished. We don't generally deal in report stuff, but these seemed to good to pass by, and what a was...

Grand, large wash hand basin

Ref: 2537

We don't generally take in anything modern or thats reproduction but we've just been working in a posh hotel in Edinburgh where we've bought, as well as 10 pedestal basins-shortly to be up on the site...

Easy wash hand basin

Ref: 2498

I've had this for years in my roof waiting for the right house to put it in, but thats not going to happen so I'm going to have to let it go. Much older than most of our basins, this one really is Vic...

Huge Royal Doulton pedestal basin

Ref: 2491

This really is a giant. It came from the basement of a house where it had lain in storage for years. Its made from what looks like fireclay (like a Belfast sink as opposed to a normal wash hand basin)...

Very large and grand towel rail

Ref: 2358

No need to have to say that this monster towel rail came out of a very large grand house. It measures 49 inches long by 46 high (not including the timber base blocks). These things used to work with l...

Cast ron overhead cistern

Ref: 2344

Made by D.Smith of Edinburgh, nice old overhead cistern which comes with its original downpipe (which you may want to replace) and decorative brackets, which you will definitely want to keep....

? hand washer sink type things??

Ref: 2236

Well we don't know exactly how to describe these, we've certainly not seen anything quite like them before, and thats not something we say that often now. Made by that famous company 'Morrisons' of Gl...

Cast iron roll top bath

Ref: 2211

We've more or less stopped taking cast iron baths in now, they're a bit heavy to get up stairs now middle age approaches and those who have been down to our yard will sympathise that we are pretty sho...

Massive ceramic drainer

Ref: 2167

Truly the biggest ceramic drainer we've ever had. 51 inches long by 23 wide....

Tiny sink

Ref: 2166

Such a sweet little thing, from an old hospital and with great push button taps. Its got its brackets too, but they're not in the pic. 15.5 inches across...

Fancy toilet

Ref: 2088

Very nice toilet this one, a Saints wash down closet to be precise and in great condition. Its a down vented toilet which means that the waste pipe is hidden beneath the pan itself. If it looks a bit ...

ceramic cisterns

Ref: 2085

Couple of typical ceramic cisterns, would of been 3 but one has now lost its lid. We generally have a couple of these in stock, usually Shanks ones with the little chrome nut on top of the lid. If the...

marble wash hand basin stand

Ref: 2020

This is actually pretty modern but its probably been a pretty expensive thing and it comes from one of the nicest homes I've been in for a very long time. The marble is very clean and the 2 basins are...

fancy repro basin

Ref: 2013

Although new-ish, these things are still good quality and not too over the top in their looks. Just a decent copy of an old sink. 25 inches wide by 18 deep....

tiniest towel rail

Ref: 1799

The narrowest towel rail we've ever seen. Isn't it lovely? NOW SOLD...

Wash Hand Basin

Ref: 1793

One of half a dozen matching sinks we recently bought, just as we were running low. These are about my favourite style (don't laugh-I get quite excited by my stock) and are called the 'britton'. they ...

Wash Hand basin

Ref: 1776


Bath & basin combination

Ref: 1753

Get twice as clean with the all newish bath/basin saving combo space saving device. 66'' long, 26.5'' wide & 25'' high. I've seen a few of these over the years & they're great if you don't have much s...

roll top bath

Ref: 1723

we generally avoid old cast iron baths now as they are so heavy, take up so much space and usually need re-surfacing (which doesn't always seem to work that well in my opinion) but it was pretty hard ...

more deco basins

Ref: 1690

We don't usually bother to take pics of all the new basins that turn up as they are constantly coming in and going out, but here are a couple of nice 'Doulton' ones we've just got in from a church in ...

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