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Some radiators

Some radiators

During out last stock-take, we found we had over 480 radiators, so we always have plenty of radiators in stock. We sell them as they are but offer a service whereby we take them to a company that test, blasts and paints them. He also alters the fittings to make them compatible with a modern system.
The radiators come in a a variety of shapes and styles, most of which are shown below.
Generally 4-column (5 3/4in deep) or 6-column (9in deep), in heights of 18/24/30/36in.
Also 9-column window radiators, 13 x 13in in various lengths.
(pics pending)

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Lots of decorative radiators

Ref: 3322

From a very very grand municipal building, we have just bought, amongst other radiators, 19 of these decorative beauties. The fatter ones range from 9 section ones at 23 inches long to a couple of who...

Heated towel rail

Ref: 3275

We generally have a few heated towel rails but I'm whittling down our stock and from now on am only going to buy in ones that are bottom fed as they are much easier to instal. This one has the added a...

Tall thin decorative radiator

Ref: 3169

Beautiful radiator we got last week from an 1860's building sadly being demolished, though the radiator itself isn't that old. There is text down the side stating that the design was patented in 1887....

Window radiators

Ref: 2818

Another new design to me, that's 3 new types this year. All from a job we've been doing up in Montrose, these coming from one of the later (1920's) buildings. Round topped window radiators with long l...

Decorative, curved radiators

Ref: 2778

Once, in the last 13 years we've had a curved radiator, and that was plain, and here we have 5 decorative ones. 38 inches high and spectacularly awkward to move, but truly magnificent and probably the...

Pair of fancy fluted ferrous feature radiators

Ref: 2755

Having thought I'd seen every type of radiator made in this country, we've bought 2 batches of types I've never seen before within a month. alas there are only 2 of these beauties, but I've never seen...

Curved radiator

Ref: 2629

Indeed, not a cunning estate agents fish-eye photo to make it look bigger, but a genuine curved radiator, our first one. Its 37.5 inches tall and 32 long ( by the shortest route ). From a large house ...

lots of dinky 6 column rads

Ref: 1809

We've just finished a rather gruelling job removing over 100 radiators from a 1920's deco block of flats in Whitecraigs, out of which we have a lot (more than in the pic) of these unusual 18" high 6 c...

princess radiator

Ref: 1094

We've just got a batch of about 20 round top radiators in, includind 2 of these monsters at 21 sections long (65 inches).THIS ONE IS NOW SOLD...

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