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4 lovely milk glass lights

Ref: 2933

We actually have 8 of these from the same job, but there is a minute difference between some of them, so its actually 2 groups of 4, which can be sold separately of course. Lovely fine/thin milk glass...

Milk glass wall lights

Ref: 2919

We have 10 of these from an old hospital where some were set up as shown, and others were the other way up, used as up lighters. I'm not sure how old they are but would guess they are from the 1930's ...

Pair of brass topped milk glass lights

Ref: 2856

Nice pair of lights (which can be sold individually) with polished brass caps dating to the beginning of the last century....

About the best retro lights we've had

Ref: 2706

I really really like these and have hung onto them for years trying to think of how I could use them, but I can't and so I'm going to put them out for sale. They look like 1960's Scandinavian lights, ...

Ref: 2679

Rather nice light we bought in Edinburgh recently, A brass circular trim with a milk glass bowl suspended inside it which should give a lovely warm glow....

super duper retro tastic

Ref: 2607

Well, not my usual bag, and if someone wanted to sell me just one I might have said no, but en-masse they look great, like sweets. I suppose they're from the 1980's? Only a couple of white ones...

Outside ship yard lights

Ref: 2486

Great things these, from a dockyard , a pair of super sturdy outside lights measuring 62 inches tall, and a 3rd one that has alas lost its top. Mount them on your bar, put them at the end of y...

2 latest deco marbled light shades

Ref: 2422

We see these from time to time and often, I'm afraid don't get round to putting them on the website. I guess theres a constant through put of them and it seems daft to constantly upload more and more ...

Hanging light from a church

Ref: 2317

These have been lurking at the back of our store room and at last we have some suitable shades for them and they look wonderful. There are 2 with 4 shades measuring 19 inches across and one with 3 sha...

Lara grey enamel shades

Ref: 2267

Good job this one. A contractor we work with from time to time on demolitions was taking down a factory built in the late 1940's and found 120 of these boxed up in the basement. They had all been used...

Classic art deco light

Ref: 2095

Just like the one in my kitchen, and I've got taste! Couldn't get much more art deco than this. Out of interest, we saw very similar lights being used on the film set for 'the boy in the...

brass lights

Ref: 2094

We have 4 of these from a church we were recently working in. The brass could easily be polished up but is quite lightweight, and some of the little bits below the bulbs have splits-see the pic. they ...

Classic art deco light

Ref: 2058

When I took this pic a week ago we had 2 of these, but now there's only one left and its not surprising, such a classic design and so evocative of the era. Thick frosted glass and the shiniest chrome ...

Marbled deco lights

Ref: 2054

Round ones, octagonal ones, pink ones orange ones, yellow ones. Sometimes we have none of these, but at the moment we have quite a few, and I've always had rather a soft spot for them. Though they don...

fancy chandelier

Ref: 1871

One of the original batch we bought from the Assembly rooms in Edinburgh which has come back to us having been sold some time ago. Its a lovely thing and would look amazing when lit up. The arms look ...

Industrial lights

Ref: 1752

Fresh in last week are these angled enamel lights. 8 white & 10 green. The white ones are 13'' across & appear to be called the 'Benjamin X type'. The green ones are slightly larger at 14'' & the badg...

Ceiling Lights

Ref: 1748

We have 6 of these milk shade lights with copper collars which screw directly onto the ceiling. Shades are approx. 12'' in diameter. ONLY ONE LEFT AS OF 21 JAN 2020...

hall light

Ref: 1731

Just one of these hall lights(though there used to be two). Very pretty milk glass shade with a brass fitting.NOW SOLD...

church lights

Ref: 1730

We've just bought 6 of these from a church, really nice and surprisingly heavy with a brass top piece and base and thick frosted glass shade. we were told that the wire mesh is also quite old as this ...

Yellow/Orange Deco hanging Light

Ref: 1600

Classic stepped art deco marbled hanging light shade...

deco hanging lights

Ref: 1599

Clean marbled light...

deco hanging light

Ref: 1561

Most unusual lights these, one hanging and 2 wall ones. I am told that you can still get the bulbs for these. We dont need to sell them all together, but it seems a shame to split them up. the main bi...


Ref: 1323

Nice old chandelier from the 1950's which we're selling a bit cheaper as one of the 5 loops of crystals had to be replaced by us, and while it looks pretty good to me, its not an exact match. I'm told...

small chandelier

Ref: 1322

The last of our smaller chandeliers from the assembly rooms in Edinburgh. Probably from the 1950's. We may get one more in if we can source a replacement bottom bit. NOW SOLD...

Ref: 1321

Sorry, this was sold before I got a chance to put the details on line....

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