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Art deco leaded glass windows

Ref: 2897

We currently have 8 of these windows which came from a council office in Kirkaldy, they are in metal frames and measure 19 inches by 50 1/4 (the frames are 19 by 52 3/4)...

Pair of etched glass side lights

Ref: 2842

A good pair of Victorian panels for either side of a doorway, measuring 50 1/2 inches tall by 6 wide....

Lovely etched glass vestibule door panel

Ref: 2839

We actually had the whole door at one time but it was sadly too far gone and had to be put down, it was the kindest thing to do really. Its a classic Victorian design ( and original of course) featuri...

Ref: 2770

Good sized leaded glass panel from a large church in Kilmarnock, and one of several we currently have (see next item on the site). These all have various religious texts about lambs and stuff. I'm not...

Large piece of leaded glass

Ref: 2769

Originally part of a large window (there would have been 3 or 4 on top of each other making a taller window), rather nice panel featuring flowers etc. Its actually shown on its side, the border with t...

Painted oval panel from a front door

Ref: 2362

We very seldom get these and the last couple we had we kept to put back into doors which had them missing. You see this kind of thing all over Glasgow though and over the years we've had flowers, musi...

Armorial window

Ref: 2360

We have a couple of these rather older than usual windows, from a hallway we believe. Painted coat of arms to the centre and really very nice corner pieces of painted glass. I would be tempted to remo...

Thistle glass

Ref: 2222

Attractive leaded windows from a house near Cambuslang dating to the turn of the century. We have 6 available as I type measuring between 42 inches wide by 31 tall and 38 wide by 33.5 tall including t...

Butterfly glass

Ref: 2205

We have about a dozen of these in at the moment (jan 2017) but please give us a phone to check we still have them as, being a small company, we don't update the website daily-sometimes barely weekly.<...

rose leaded glass panels

Ref: 2148

We have half a dozen of these, all the same size (28 inches by 23-including the frame, I think) all in good condition and unusually, in mahogany window frames....

Shakespeare glass

Ref: 2102

In deed, verily tis good fortune to come across this piece of glass during the anniversary of the good mans birth (or is it his death?). It originated in a bank in Newcastle and looks as if it ...

Church window

Ref: 2055

Its taken months to get this piece of glass on display, and weeks more for me to get it onto the website, and looking at the pics, I'll have to go and take some better ones. Measuring approx 35 inches...

wider pice of leaded glass

Ref: 1966

Very pretty piece, one of a few we got recently (I never get the time to put them all on the website) This one is 41.5 inches wide by 29.5 tall, not including the frame and was from a bay window. The ...

large panel of leaded glass

Ref: 1965

lovely panel of glass, a good size for a door (31.75 x 43.5 inches) which we bought from a large house in the south side of edinburgh. It had been a roof light and was pretty grubby, but its one of th...

Painted glass panels

Ref: 1777

We have just bought 5 of these painted panels which have been stored in a loft for many years, which is why the green bits, whichusually fade, are still such a vibrant colour.3 of the bits are 25.5 in...

Leaded glass

Ref: 1773


Fancy butterfly motif glass

Ref: 1720

We have quite a few of these at the moment from a house in Rutherglen. Its about as nice a piece of glass as you will see with your Glasgow rose and butterfly. There are various different sizes which ...

pairs of painted glass panels

Ref: 1531

Listed as Victorian but actually from a church built in the 1820's in Paisley. We have 9 pairs (and a spare) measuring 11 inches wide by 38 tall. They came from the side panes of windows but we though...

leaded glass

Ref: 1262

We have 2 of these (as of 14/10/11), one of which is 37.5 inches wide by 30.5 tall and the other is 45 by 30.5....

Ref: 1261


leaded glass

Ref: 1260

we have 6 of these (as of 14/10/11) and they are 19 inches wide by 31 tall....

Ref: 1081

We have 11 of these which came from a porch that was pulled down a while ago, measuring 17 inches by 50. NOW SOLD....

leaded glass

Ref: 1080

We have 2 of these available in good condition. each one is 42 1/2 wide and one is 28 inches tall and the other is 31 1/2 including the frames....

leaded glass

Ref: 1076

Pretty pieces of glass, probably from the 1920's or 30's. We have 4 @28 1/2 wide by 27 and one at 24 1/2 by 27 including the frames....

leaded glass

Ref: 1075

We have 6 pieces of this design in just now in various sizes ranging from 41 inches wide by 32 to 28 x 28 including the frames....

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