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Typical 4 panel door in yellow pine. The bulk of our stock comprises this style, from 60-100

Typical 4 panel door in yellow pine. The bulk of our stock comprises this style, from 60-100

We have around a thousand doors in stock at any one time; too many to list. So below are some examples of the type of doors/shutters that we tend to have.

Please phone quoting a style & we'll have a look to see what we've got available. Although it always best to call in person.

Once you have chosen your door we can arrange to get them stripped & delivered. Our doors are measured in inches and most are suitable to be trimmed by a couple of inches in height & a half inch in width. It's advisable to do this when fitting the door to get a really good fit.

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Painted glass front door

Ref: 3443

Typical, but seldom seen for sale, lovely painted glass front door dating to the 1890's. This one's from Dennistoun 81 inches tall by 33 3/4 wide....

Painted glass vestibule door

Ref: 3426

We bought 2 of these years and years ago, they had been kicked in and the other had some of its glass smashed as well. They were so nice we bought them and then buried them away to repaired 'at some t...

Painted glass front door

Ref: 3412

Its taken literally years to get around to restoring this door, Typical Glasgow tenement door . It measures just over 83 inches tall by 35 5/8 wide. It should really be painted as its made from Cedar ...

Truly lovely leaded glass door

Ref: 2914

We've gone the extra mile on this one as when we bought it there was a cat flap in a bottom panel, a metal screen bolted over the entire face of one side and some of the glass was smashed. So, we've r...

Edwardian leaded glass front door

Ref: 2913

Good solid front door in a 1920's-30's style where we've taken out the plain glass and put in some leaded glass (of a type we see a lot around Victoria park). Hazel, at our work likes to do a bit of l...

Very tall pair of glazed doors

Ref: 2749

We have a couple of pairs of these, they came from a school and were used as room dividers, so they're not strictly speaking pairs of doors, rather 2 identical doors which can be hinged to make them i...

My favourite etched glass door

Ref: 2642

For years I've hidden this away, hoping to use it somewhere, but I haven't yet and now it seems that I never shall, so better to sell it to someone who will appreciate it rather than wait for it to ge...

Monster double doors

Ref: 2567

REALLY heavy double doors from the front of a school in Edinburgh. Magnificent things although I can barely lift them. There is some damage where door closers have been fitted, where some mouldings ha...

Etched glass vestibule door

Ref: 2554

A tricky thing to get a decent pic of, but it gives the general idea....

Attractive double doors

Ref: 2552

Lovely pair of double doors which originally lead onto a billiard room, though they look like the sort that might have lead into a conservatory. Alas missing the glass but luckily still with their han...

Dozens of small doors

Ref: 2524

We are currently stripping out the club house of a large golf club and whilst we are trying to re use the lockers, we will have dozens of these locker doors left over. Made from pine and dating to bet...

Magnificent door surround

Ref: 2489

Terrific door surround from a large mid Victorian house just outside Dundee, built by the owner of the local foundry there. Its pine and very intricately carved, its just a shame that its so hard to d...

Skinny double doors

Ref: 2479

We have 3 pairs of these at the mo from a lovely old 1860's house up by Dundee. By the time we got the call to view the job, the stripping out had already started, and these were originally part of a ...

Oak double doors

Ref: 2327

About a year ago we cleared out the building where we used to buy a lot of our chemicals in Edinburgh as it had been sold and was to be demolished, but we couldn't take the doors as they were classed ...

Small but brightly painted doors

Ref: 2247

We have half a dozen of these tongue and groove doors which came from a Victorian school toilet block. Good vibrant colours and we bought them thinking that being quite small (about 58 inches tall) th...

Nicer than the norm front door

Ref: 2124

Someone said that you can buy a new door cheaper than some of ours once, but when you see a door like this? We only get 3 or 4 front doors of this quality a year so there are very few of them about. G...

Fancy glass door

Ref: 2066

We have 3 of these at the moment, but as with everything on the website, please phone to check if we still have it as we're only human, and update the site when we get a bit of free time which isn't a...

Sold double doors

Ref: 2065

I know they are now sold but I had to put a pic of these doors up, they are about the nicest pair of double doors we've ever had. Pitch pine with all their original bevelled glass panels intact-now in...

before and afters

Ref: 2043

A good example of what lies beneath. The door with the 2 glass panels we bought from a tired and damp building down in Ayrshire, looking very scabby and with its etched panels painted over, and the do...

fancy shutters

Ref: 2040

We recently bought about a dozen sets of these shutters from a job in Edinburgh. Some of them have 5 flaps, and as if that wasn't enough to make them heavy, they are made of pitch pine-they weigh a t...

police door

Ref: 1985

We've just finished working in an old police station, dating to the 1920's, and we have a few doors like this, and some solid ones in a similar style. The glass is really lovely and the whole thing ha...

Really early doors and shutters

Ref: 1984

Just a quite pic of some doors and shutters we recently bought from a house up in Dundee. Some of the ear lies ones we've ever had, really heavy pitch pine, massively thick fielded panels and check ou...

Georgian door surround and doorhead

Ref: 1978

pine door head and door surround we got recently from a job up in Dundee. The base blocks are gone, but otherwise its a grand old thing. Sizes to follow....

painted glass front door

Ref: 1964

Lovely front door with original letter box/pull. We get these in occasionally, but not often now. This is just to show you what sometimes turns up, and while its available now (june) it will probably ...

old shop door

Ref: 1950

recently found in an old basement in Edinburgh, a lovely old door-like so many that we have, but this one still with its original lever handle and painted glass panel-advertising 'D.M.HALL' who, I bel...

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