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HEAVY arched oak front doors

Ref: 2277

Heavy indeed. These came from an 1880's house just south of Glasgow and look pretty much as good as they were when they were made. The highest point is 107 inches tall going down to about 74 where the...

vacant/engaged locks

Ref: 1217

We have a few of these (plus another style). Rather nice. NOW SOLD...

bakelite door handles

Ref: 1216

Probably the only style of handle you wont see copied nowadays. This is the largest batch of bakelite handles we've ever had, about 20 pairs, all from a hospital just outside Glasgow. We also have som...


Ref: 1108

Like the march of the sentinals they came. We've just finished a job in the old halls of residence in St Andrews and have 71 sets of these handles (shown here before we've cleaned them). they appear t...

church door brackets

Ref: 335

2 big pairs and 3 smaller pairs of fancy hinges from the main doors of a victorian church in Ayrshire. NOW SOLD....

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