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Large ish Belfast sinks

Ref: 2874

4 of these from a school we've been working on recently measuring 30 inches by 18. All in very good condition....

Even larger Belfast sinks

Ref: 2873

The biggest 2 off the job, measuring 37 inches long by 21 and shown here before we've cleaned them, though they look really very good under their superficial layer of 'stuff'...

Double Belfast sink

Ref: 2582

Once or twice a year we get one of these in, we see them more often than this but if they're a bit old and battered they're very difficult to sell on, and anyone who has tried to move one will underst...

Enormously long Belfast sinks

Ref: 2528

At 72 inches, or 6 feet long these are the longest sinks we've ever had. They were used in a washroom of a factory and due to the recent icy weather we haven't cleaned them up yet. 15 inches from fron...

Belfast sink with integral drainer

Ref: 2316

From the 1950's, I think, we have 2 of these lovely items, the likes of which we haven't seen for years. Measuring 36 inches long by 18 from front to back and the one shown is in really very good cond...

Very large Belfast sinks

Ref: 2240

About a dozen of these in really very good shape measuring 3 feet by 2. Terrible to think of these going off to landfill, as that was to be their fate. Its just a shame that all the lathes, pillar dri...

Enormous Belfast sink

Ref: 2168

At 4 feet long, this is a seriously large sink. Its 24 inches wide and in really pretty good condition. Wash your children in it? you could fit triplets in this one....

Small belfast sinks

Ref: 2083

We have quite a number of these in pretty good order from an old college in Troon. They all have a lip around the edge and no overflow so you'd need to remember to turn your taps off or get one of tho...

just like busses

Ref: 2024

Honestly, you have none for weeks and then you get a job with 40. 2 different sorts here, and we haven't had a chance to clean them yet, though they're quite new and in very good condition, so no size...

Shallow sink

Ref: 1900

Never seen sinks like these before. From a school built in the 1960's we thought these were rather neat, ideal for the utility room or something. They are 47 inches long (yup, almost 4 feet!) by 15 de...

Belfast sinks

Ref: 1441

Our latest batch of sinks, shown here having a good scrub down. There are 2 doubles at 41 inches long by 21 from front to back and 9 deep and about a dozen smaller ones at 24 by 16 by 10. The smaller ...

large belfast sinks

Ref: 1231

We have 4 of these from an old school on the islands (plus a smaller one).All in great condition and measuring 24 by 36 by 11.75 deep....

mop sinks

Ref: 1152

We have 3 of these sinks which are pretty much brand new. all with metal grilles .These 2 are sold but we often get them in, so please phone for availability....

sink with drainer

Ref: 1070

We have 2 of these just now and I've hardly ever had them in before.Not the oldest things in the world, and the surface glazing is a little scuffed (nothing a bit of bleach won't sort out).Good practi...

more belfast sinks

Ref: 852

There are always new sinks arriving down here, refugees from all the schools that are being knocked down around here. Our latest batch includes tiny ones that are 13 1/4 by 11 1/4 inches, up to huge t...

Ref: 562

We have a few of these in at the moment. They are not that old ( but with a belfast sink this can be an advantage) and have taps with them. NOW SOLD but we generally have a few of these in....

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