Services We Offer

  1. Here at G.A.S, we offer a wide range of services covering various activities, some of these have been mentioned in our introductory page. There follows a full list of our services.
  2. Doors can be stripped back to the original wood.
  3. Where Yale locks have been fitted, (for example), we can expertly patch them with matching timber.
  4. Doors can be cut down to fit an opening, we can advise how much can be removed.
  5. Radiators can be tested & fitted with modern fittings, blasted, primed & topcoated if required.
  6. We can usually hold an item without charge for a week, just call or email us if there is anything you are interested in.
  7. We can hire out items - to film makers, for example, on a short term or long term basis.
  8. We will locate for you an item if we possibly can. All you need to do is find something on our archive or if you can provide us with a photo we will get in touch as soon as we find a suitable match.
  9. We can usually supply pews to your desired length.
  10. If there is anything else we could do, let us know and we'll be glad to try and help.
  11. We deliver (£20 within glasgow) and can arrange national delivery if required.
  12. We buy salvage for cash and will visit and offer you a fair deal usually within the week almost anywhere in central Scotland. Though we're not coming all the way to Castle Douglas for a door knob you understand!
Glass door knob Cast iron inset detail Bath plunger