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What is Architectural Salvage?

door furniture

Brass door furniture

The concept of Architectural Salvage has been around for some time now, as people recognise the superior quality of the fittings & fixtures that were once so common in the properties of the past.

In the modern standardised world of mass production, it can be almost impossible to find doors etc. of the right size & style to suit an older property. Other fittings such as fireplaces, lighting & door furniture are equally as hard to source. The quality & individuality that was once expected & commonplace is often lacking in the modern equivalent.

This, together with the realisation that original features can enhance & also be an investment in the value of a property, comes the concept of architectural salvage.

Glasgow Architectural Salvage (G.A.S. Ltd)

Architectural salvage has always appealed to us (Ben Kingston & Xanthe Bird), as we have been involved in the renovation of old buildings for some time. We have a keen, if amateur interest, in Industrial Archeology & are concerned with the general lack of recycling within the building industry.

As a company of equal partners, we are all able to indulge our own specific interests, be it 1950's plastic handles, kitchen ranges or the joy of welding. This gives each of us the enthusiasm & impetus which comes along with never knowing what the next day will bring.

At G.A.S. there's always something happening & several works in progress, & we're keen to keep this dynamic air to our warehouse.

While our products are for sale as displayed, we also offer added services for example:

Doors can be stripped. Where Yale locks etc. have been fitted, we can expertly patch them with matching timber. Radiators can be tested & fitted with modern fittings, blasted, primed & topcoated if required.


In warehouse view of doors

A wall of doors

warehouse panorama

View of warehouse

warehouse basins

Some of our basins