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Nice little cupboard

One good thing about being shut for so long and re organising the building is that it gives me the chance to dig out buried items from the lower strata's of the warehouse. This unit, which I've always liked was used as a support for various things deep in the bowels of our pew graveyard and now, with our newly opened up passageways, its come out into the light . I would say like a butterfly emerging but that would imply ready formed beauty and this alas still needs a bit of work to restore it to its former glory. But it's not as bad as it looks, the graffiti isn't carved deeply, it still has its original scum balled paint finish and of course it has those lovely and unusual details in the corners of the doors panels, spandrels I suppose you'd call them. In fact, other than a thick layer of dust, it's only the top that needs attention, having been cut at each end (presumably from a longer unit) so easy peasy really.
47 inches wide by38 high and 20 deep.
I seem to remember we got it from an old joiners workshop.

Ref: 3052

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