Pedestal basin Sanitary Ware, Ref: 2935


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Pedestal basin

Slightly unusual pedestal basin with a rather more modern look, particularly the way the pedestal doesn't flare out at the base, but it is still quite old as can be seen by the old advert from one of my old catalogues from 1958. Its a good size but as is always the case with me, I've not got the sizes to hand. Its unusual in having the overflow at the front of the sink.
There is a slight issue here though. There is a fair sized chip under one of the taps(see pic) which we didn't see when we bought it. It won't leak or anything, but I wouldn't risk changing the taps, Its not cracked but it seems unwise to tempt fate.
And it's priced accordingly, as seems only fair.
Its a fine thing that needs a second chance, and whilst not from the hey day of the '30's, its still a very art deco looking piece.

Ref: 2935

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