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Truly lovely leaded glass door

We've gone the extra mile on this one as when we bought it there was a cat flap in a bottom panel, a metal screen bolted over the entire face of one side and some of the glass was smashed. So, we've removed the metal screen (me) replaced the missing timber panel with a matching yellow pine one (Ally), had the glass repaired (an outsourced professional called Colin) and fitted the glass back (Hazel) and now, almost 2 years later, its done and looking quite superb (oh, and we also had to strip it).
It came from one of the big houses on the Great Western Rd and we all think that the glass is really something quite special.
Dates to the 1870's-80's.
Its not huge, measuring 81 inches tall by 30 wide.

Ref: 2914

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