Typical arched insert , Ref: 2906


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Typical arched insert

We have dozens and dozens of arched inserts patiently waiting to be restored, but it all takes time, sourcing missing bits, doing smith work, shot blasting and black leading, but this is a typical one we've just finished, with a 15 inch opening. We always have them in stock, but sizes and patterns vary considerably, so its best to call in, and anyone is welcome to look at our ones awaiting work too and if one takes your fancy we can fast track it-no obligation, they all have to be done in the end.
This particular fire is a little earlier than some, dating to the 1850's? and came from a cottage which was pulled down last year way up beyond Inverness.

Ref: 2906


Inset Height and Width: 88.9 cm's by 91.4 cm's
(35'' by 36'')

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