Large leaded glass panel , Ref: 2850


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Large leaded glass panel

Now this came from a magnificent mansion up in Argyll which was at least early Georgian, though this may be a later addition. The house had been more or less empty since the war when it was used to house children from Glasgow. Anyway, its now well on its way to being restored and this had to be taken out from a staircase. Its in remarkably good condition with very few cracks and its made up of SO many small pieces. I daren't remove it from its case now that its out from its frame, so its very hard to really see the colours, but its a really lovely piece from one of the nicest houses I've seen for a long time. It appears to show a tree in leaf which is a fairly common theme and it measures 52 inches across by 60 to the arched peak.

Ref: 2850

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