Slender pine surround Fireplaces, Ref: 2808


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Slender pine surround

Slim legged surround we recently bought from a dark and gloomy part of the old Sunnyside hospital complex up near Montrose. Dark because all the windows have been boarded up and gloomy because half the floors have collapsed and its the sort of job you do on your own and there are lots of odd noises and you're SURE that there's some nutter waiting for you around the next corner.
But there wasn't last time, and I was able to remove this from the old duty nurses room. It was painted blue and dates to the 1870's. Rather elegant legs and I like the bowed facia. Its shown with a smallish insert (14 inch opening) from our stock of such items.

Ref: 2808


Height and Width: 121.9 cm's by 114.3 cm's
(48'' by 45'')

Inset Height and Width: 94 cm's by 76.2 cm's
(37'' by 30'')

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