Slate fire surround with marbleised finish Fireplaces, Ref: 2794


Details of Victorian Fireplaces

Slate fire surround with marbleised finish

We see lots of slate fire surrounds and back in Victorian times they would always have had a lacquer on them to make them look, well, posher. This would be in the form of a black gloss or coloured marble effect, but once its been overpainted, thats it, its not really possible to restore the original look, so its quite unusual to find a surround thats never been overpainted in the last 120 years and it still in good shape.
Its almost too much here, they've gone overboard with the swirly patterns, like the inside of an old book but its really quite impressive and, I believe, a lost art.
This fire came from the vestry of a lovely little church in the Scottish borders dating to the 1870's and is shown with the fire insert that was originally with it (this hasn't been restored yet and still needs its front bars made)
Maybe being in a church protected it from the ravages of time.
Surround now sold and living in Helensburgh.

Ref: 2794


Height and Width: 116.8 cm's by 154.9 cm's
(46'' by 61'')

Inset Height and Width: 96.5 cm's by 91.4 cm's
(38'' by 36'')

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