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Large doors suitable as double doors

Tall doors which would work well as double doors, of which we have 4 or pairs, though sadly only 2 pairs still have their etched glass. There's an attractive ridge below the glass. Yellow pine.They came from the old school on Holmlea rd on the city's south side, a building thats been empty for a long time and which is now undergoing what promises to be a nice and sympathetic conversion into flats. However, and its certainly not the developers fault, but why oh why can't someone in the cash strapped council have the initiative to at least partially strip these buildings before they get disposed of, you'll see on the pic that the brass finger plates and handles have been pinched over the last few years. Time and again we go into buildings like these where we could have given a chunk of money to the council if only they'd called us, and we end up buying from the demolition folk, which is fine, at least they have the nous to phone us (while doing their bit for recycling at the same time) But all too often some dodgy geezer has broken into the place, made a mess and weighed the stuff in for scrap, the stuff gets wasted and you, the tax paying public, get bumped.
Just one phone call. Please.
To fit an opening of approx 89 inches tall by 58 wide.

Ref: 2724

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