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More poor quality pics of new items. I'm afraid I wanted to take images of new stock but it started to get dark earlier than anticipated on our last day, so better pics may be taken in the new year.
Anyway, 3 new tables, a nice early one, probably mid Victorian with a drawer on either side (one knob missing) measuring 45 inches wide by 25 by 28 1/2 tall; a rather '50's looking one with splayed wooden legs and a fake marble formica top(plus a central drawer)-my least favourite of the bunch, measuring 36 inches wide by 24 by 28 1/2 tall and a stylish '50's metal framed table with tiny folding sides on its retro yellow formica top which measures 35 1/2 inches by 23 by 29 1/2 tall.
You may see in the pic that one of the wooden spandrels from the early table (the carved bits wot go above yer knees when you sit down) is missing, but we have it safely kept in a drawer, and one of the yellow end pieces of formica has also fallen off the folding table, but we have this too.

Ref: 2688

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  • View of 3 tables