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Large Dresser

Large dresser in a ready to use condition. Its an old Victorian one such as you would see in a large house or flat but it has bee restored quite extensively by the previous owners, so that whilst the carcass is yellow pine, a (what looks like ) Douglas fir tongue and groove cladding has been put across the back, sides and even either side of the middle partition. These units always seem to come from tight little rooms and were presumably built in situ, so they often had at least one 'blind' end butted up against a wall, but with this ones modifications, it would be well suited to be exposed on either side.
Its deep as well, being 31 1/2 inches from front to back. Its 95 1/2 inches long and 91 1/2 tall (base 37 1/2 and top 54 )

Ref: 2666

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