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Very Fancy Cast Iron Spindles

About as good a spindle as you will ever get, from an incredibly grand building which would never have been demolished except for the fact that it was so rotten that floors were collapsing, you could almost push a spoon through the stonework and there were as many plants inside the building as outside. Alas we were only allowed to remove the spindles from the ground to the first floor as above that it just wasn't safe, and as it was, hammering them out of the stonework on the one day we were allowed on site was grim enough. But now its done I'm so glad we saved them (about 30), dating to the 1860's-70's and absolutely lovely. Some have one of the bottom curly bits chopped of so that they didn't get in the way of the next riser, but I really don't think this matters, it just a mark of their age and history.
Lucky things to have been saved.

Ref: 2664

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