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Latest bedroom combination

Freshly back from its jaunt to the blacksmith and shotblasters, a pretty little combination fire dating to the 1880's.
With these fires, if you want to use them with a living flame gas fire, you should really take the back off as the gas trays don't fit into the original backs, but if its for solid fuel (or just for show) then its no problem, its what they're made for.
When taking the backs off these fires (they are bolted on ) you then have to get a brick back or 'Milner back' and the gas kit will sit happily in this. Less of a problem if the fire has a 16inch opening, but it can still be an issue.
This fire has a 14 inch opening.

Ref: 2609


Height and Width: 96.5 cm's by 91.4 cm's
(38'' by 36'')

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