Edwardian looking fire surround Fireplaces, Ref: 2598


Details of Edwardian Fireplaces

Edwardian looking fire surround

This may be Victorian, but its definitely more of an Edwardian style. Made of a wood called Deal or American walnut which doesn't strip well, so we're leaving it painted. Decent size for a living room and good clean mirror.SURROUND NOW SOLD.
Oddly enough, its some of the grander Victorian flats (and I'm thinking of the ones around Novar drive and Hyndland rd) that seem to have the more peculiar, and to some extent, more Edwardian fires in them. Maybe they were built in what at the time must have seemed to be a more forward looking design.

Ref: 2598


Height and Width: 162.6 cm's by 160 cm's
(64'' by 63'')

Inset Height and Width: 94 cm's by 101.6 cm's
(37'' by 40'')

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  • View of White marble fire painted fire surround
  • View of White painted fire surround