Tiled fire insert Fireplaces, Ref: 2589


Details of Victorian Fireplaces

Tiled fire insert

Nice tiled insert with a 16 inch opening which is your standard living room size. The insert can of course be extended to fit a larger aperture by attaching a new steel plate to the front and re blasting it, but there is an additional cost for this. The tiles, which are, of course original have had a bit of a life and 3 or 4 of them have had to be glued together, but its worked out well, the close up pic of a tile shows one of the glued ones and any visible cracks are pretty much hidden by the ridged nature of the tiles, as well as the actual pattern. Dates to the 1880's

Ref: 2589


Inset Height and Width: 94 cm's by 91.4 cm's
(37'' by 36'')

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  • View of Floral tiled insert
  • View of Floral tiled insert