White marble surround Fireplaces, Ref: 2583


Details of Victorian Fireplaces

White marble surround

Good sized white marble fire surround no longer painted pink, which if it could speak, it would be truly grateful for.
It has a few surface scratches which I've tried to show on one of the close up pics of the top of a leg. They're not deep and wouldn't overly bother me, but they are there, though we've rubbed a bit of olive oil into them on a corner and this helps them to seem to fade away.

Ref: 2583


Height and Width: 127 cm's by 171.5 cm's
(50'' by 671/2'')

Inset Height and Width: 102.2 cm's by 102.2 cm's
(401/4'' by 401/4'')

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  • View of White marble fire