White tiled insert Fireplaces, Ref: 2544


Details of Victorian Fireplaces

White tiled insert

Every year I pick a lame duck of a fire to be sent off to be repaired. It feels like an annual treat to restore a fire that isn't really economically worth while, but makes me feel good. This fire was in a terrible state when we bought it on a job up in Stirling and we've had to make the front bars for it, repair the inner legs and all the tile holding racks and then had it extended to be a more useful size (it had been cut down a lot before so we've welded a new sheet of metal to the front to enlarge it). If it wasn't for the brass detailing on the canopy I might not have bothered, but I liked it and the tiles were quite unusual and its my business and if I want to take pity on a poor old fire then I will.
The blacksmith wasn't too pleased though.

Ref: 2544


Inset Height and Width: 100 cm's by 100 cm's
(393/8'' by 393/8'')

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