Very tall combination Fireplaces, Ref: 2485


Details of Victorian Fireplaces

Very tall combination

Well this one was a right chunk to carry down 2 flights of stairs. We've only ever had one other fire of this dimension without tiles and this one came from a large building in the city centre dating to about 1890-1900. Its unusually flat, there being almost no returns on the sides at all, and it has a most unusual way of fixing it to the wall, the top of the shelf-un screws, allowing access to hidden lugs on the inside. Shown, stupidly, without its grate and front bars, which we have. The grate itself is fairly small, measuring 14.5 inches across.

Ref: 2485


Height and Width: 142.2 cm's by 114.3 cm's
(56'' by 45'')

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