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Small ish bookcases

We recently bought a few bits and bobs from an old school in Moffat including about 8 of these bookcases. They were situated either side of where the blackboard would have been, so each one has one side where the cornice and skirting has been flushed off, but we have a few spare bits which can be used for repairs. The maximum measurements are 51 inches wide by 45 tall and 9.5 deep.Now the building had been empty for about a decade, so they look like they need a bit of TLC, but its really only superficial which is why I've put up a pic of the one I've put in my own house-I scraped the old varnish off with a sharp chisel, sealed it and waxed it and its got rid of several boxes of books off my floor.
One of the pics shows them looking rather dumped in the yard, but I'm sure you can use your imagination. Dating from about 1920.

Ref: 2483

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