Gothic church table Furniture, Ref: 2473


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Gothic church table

I've rather neglected to update the furniture section of the website of late, we are so short of space that any item of furniture that comes in is immediately used to put things on/in/under and then it becomes hard to get a good image of them, so I'm sorry if the next few pics don't give a very good impression, but at least they acknowledge the existence of the items so that you can be aware of what we have. This lovely table has been buried for a few weeks now and really deserves to be seen better. Oak and with a curious planked top. Its not really a sitting-at kind of table as the sides are too deep, I reckon it would be better in a hall where you could better appreciate the lovely quatrefoil details on the sides.
69 inches long by 33 wide and 34.5 tall.

Ref: 2473

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