Large tiled insert Fireplaces, Ref: 2465


Details of Victorian Fireplaces

Large tiled insert

From a now demolished hotel in Prestwick, large Victorian tiled insert with an image of a young Victoria herself on the canopy. Its shown without tiles as the tiles holders are designed to take 8 inch tiles which is larger than the norm. We do have some, but what was originally done was to have more normal 6 inch tiles surrounded by a border of narrower tiles, but in order for this to be done, we would need to cement them in, and then they would be tricky to change over if they weren't to your taste.
N.B. This fire is about to return to our blacksmith as we've found a break on one of the inner legs.
If the sizes are critical, and we can always get them extended or cut down, its worth pointing out that the very top corners have been trimmed where there were corbels on the surround that was with it.

Ref: 2465


Inset Height and Width: 99.1 cm's by 100 cm's
(39'' by 393/8'')

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