Pine surround with roundels Fireplaces, Ref: 2464


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Pine surround with roundels

Very handsome fire, and one of my favourites. We had 2 of these from a large building in the central belt which have only survived by the skin of their teeth- the building was being demolished as we were there and the contractor agreed to work on the shed in the garden in order to give us a few hours to remove these (and 2 others, 20 odd doors, radiators etc etc). Its a Victorian surround made very much in the style of a Georgian one with its fluted legs and roundels, but the shelf is a little bit too chunky to be Georgian-not that this would bother me. There is a pic on the website in the archive section showing the other one of these we had once it had been stripped, ref 2075

Ref: 2464


Height and Width: 127 cm's by 167.6 cm's
(50'' by 66'')

Inset Height and Width: 96.5 cm's by 96.5 cm's
(38'' by 38'')

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  • View of Pine surround with roundels