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Tall kitchen dresser

Poor photos of this, its so tall I can't stand far enough back to get a good image, there's just too much stuff in the yard!
This great thing came from a large house in Paisley which had been set on fire and was to be demolished 2 days later and it was a bit of a struggle getting this out-squeezing it through doorways and sliding it across dodgy floors, but well worth it. Its pine with a really thick mahogany top. 3 drawers and then cupboards below and 4 large glass fronted cupboards on the top. The glass seems to be double glazed for some reason, with a clear pane on top of a rather nice textured pane. The top section is supported by 3 curved timber brackets, but it was ( and will need to be again )fixed to a wall.
It needs to be said that the house it came from had fallen on hard times even before the fire and the thing is pretty grubby-mainly smoke, but the lovely mahogany top had been covered with vinyl (now removed), some of the glass has been damaged, but not much and one of the drawers has got a chunk missing above the (more modern) handle.
But, cleaned up it will be a right beaut, the glass is lovely, in its doors with their ever so fine beadings (hardboarded over when we got it) the mahogany top looks like it would be a doddle to restore, and with some new handles on the drawers it would be an amazing centre piece for a kitchen.
Its 77 inches wide by a whopping 112 tall (the top is 76 and the base 36) and just under 30 inches deep for the base and 17 for the top.
I should point out that for safety reasons, we've placed piles of timber pew ends under the glazed top unit in order to give it more stability.

Ref: 2455

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