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Well its been over a year since we've had any of these beds from snooker tables, thats a year in which to forget how bloody heavy these things are, especially when you have 2 days in which to get them off site and across town in vans that can only take 5 at a go ( there are 89 of them )
Wet, dirty, exhausting work- going on until 11pm the first night, but what a tragedy it would have been if it had all gone to landfill which was what was going to happen, and now we can sell them and there's a happy demolition contractor somewhere who has not only saved money by not moving them but has actually made money by selling them to us.
They are 73.5 inches long by 28.75 wide and 1.75 thick, but you will lose a good couple of inches all round due to the pocket cut outs etc.
As I get older I intend to deal in less and less of this kind of stock.
It really was back breaking work.

Ref: 2363

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